Just a whole bunch of craziness

About Emma

About Emma

Just a whole bunch of craziness. It all started as a kid who liked to play around with video, edit clips, learn how to unicycle, nothing too crazy for Emma. But you know how things go, you go to school, go study and then you get stuck in jobs you don’t really like.

In 2019 I become more active on Twitter and found a community who embraced me with open arms. The board game folks gave me the space to step out of my comfortzone and I started interacting more, posted my first make-up free selfie, my first video and this continued to grow over time.

Now we’re here. 2020. A very weird year so far. Life happens and I found myself in a position to say: just do it. So. Here I am.

Follow my craziness and join me for many more parrot themed adventures. Oh, have I mentioned that yet? I really love parrots…

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